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January 2018 will become the frontier of civilizations

The news agency Bloomberg reports that the Alibaba neural network for the first time surpassed the ability of people to read and understand texts. She provided accurate answers to over 100,000 questions based on 500 Wikipedia articles. The car scored 82.44 points, while the best result is 82.304. A day later, AI from Microsoft achieved similar success, gaining 82,650 points.
Farewell to the past 70 thousand years of evolution ... We are leaving.
Simple citizens feel better that a new time is coming, than the leaders of countries. In my office in Tver, three employees asked me to explain how the "Artificial Intelligence" algorithm works. Not a trivial Chinese or American AI, created on the "big data" algorithms and neural networks, and they were interested in how my new algorithm works on the principles of SIS.
It's fantastic, but I managed to explain it all in 15 minutes, and they all seem to understand this. Even academics do not understand this! And then there was an interesting case. My daughter's husband, a simple chauffeur, asked me to explain how the blockade and the crypto currency are arranged. The whole family gathered at the impromptu lecture, which in itself is surprising. The last time they were going to, when I told them about the future era of the Internet. Listened very carefully and, it seems, too, all understood. What's happening?
There are people who rejoice at the successes of Russian programmers in creating "artificial intelligence" and are annoyed by the successes of American or Chinese programmers. There are people who are annoyed by Russia's successes and who rejoice at the successes of other countries. I rejoice in the successes in the creation of AI everywhere and I am sad about the failures that occur in all countries.
Dmitry Panov, General Director of the Technomash FSUE, wrote about the same thing recently about space. "There are citizens (Russians) who are happy with the failures of Russian cosmonautics and welcome the successes of the US There are citizens who welcome the successes of Russian cosmonautics and are happy with the failures And there are citizens who rejoice in any success in space exploration and are disappointed by any setbacks, these latter are OUR people, and they belong to space. "
But all this in the past ... everything is in the past. We recently entered a new world, where everything is already in the past. All your business empires, banks, factories, design offices, shops and small firms - all will soon disappear. They disappear within a few years, dissolve like a haze on the horizon in the rays of the rising sun. All that you had before is already Fleur. The hour has come for a new redivision of the world. The hour of universal new privatization has come. Fleur - not only banks, but also national states. Remained only the global world and the race for "artificial intelligence".
If China's leader Xi Jinping seems to know where the world is heading, then Trump and Putin in understanding what is going on so far at the level of small children.
What most of the world expects tomorrow, most people can not even imagine. The artificial intellect is not coming yet, it's not the mind ... It's much worse so far. While these are stupid machines, they start to rule the world.
И важно это понимать особенно на нынешнем этапе технологической революции. Мы приближаемся к точке невозврата. Unthinking Machines (глупые машины) станут основным катализатором Апокалипсиса. И, наоборот, intelligent machines (умные машины) могут стать его сдерживающим фактором. Мы можем создать умные машины, но продолжаем делать машины глупые? Мир разделяется на две фракции.
And it is important to understand this especially at the present stage of the technological revolution. We are approaching the point of no return. Unthinking Machines (stupid machines) will become the main catalyst for the Apocalypse. And, conversely, intelligent machines (smart machines) can become its deterrent. We can create smart machines, but we continue to make machines stupid? The world is divided into two factions.
Gennady Klimov
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