January 9th, 2018

Геннадий Климов

Days of modern mankind are numbered

Days of modern mankind are numbered, - world scientists are sure, which the "Club of Rome" unites
Herman Edward Daly, an American professor at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, proposed a concept of "full peace," based on which you can analyze the future that awaits us all very soon. A few years ago, without knowing anything about Herman Daly, I expressed a similar opinion that the very model of social evolution began to change. And this is very serious.
I wrote a few years ago a book about the emergence of a person on Earth - without the use of cliches of esotericism and scientific errors - but based on system knowledge from a wide variety of sciences. Why did I manage alone to do a job that was beyond the power of millions of scientists and amateur researchers? There were several reasons for this. First, I once fell into the hands of a scientific report climatologists, who worked on the instructions of the then Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. The report was not secret, but for some reason, few people read it except me. And there was a chronology of climate change in Eurasia.
The climatic catastrophes had a decisive influence on the evolution of man. Thanks to these catastrophes, a person passed several times through "narrow necks", when almost all died out, but several of the best people remained alive and continued the race. So the selection took place, - fixing the best gene codes and mental algorithms, - which eventually led to the appearance of humanoid creatures, one of which today dominates the planet.
The second reason for my success was that I correctly defined where and when humanity began.
Thirdly, I began to operate the sources of knowledge of all the sciences, cultures and religions that exist in the world without any discrimination, and soon realized that they all talked about the same thing.
And of course my knowledge of mathematics, plasma theory, and thermodynamics helped. At the heart of anthropology and sociology are also the laws of physics.
Well, of course, the methodology of cognition is important.
Mankind has already stood several times on the verge of destruction and each time found the strength to be reborn into something more perfect. Today, the threat of civilization is the man himself, who destroys nature, and at the same time his epistemological abilities degrade.
The whole history of mankind was formed in the realities of the "empty world", when it occupied a small part of the planet. I can say that 93% of the time lived by mankind on the planet Earth happened at a time when tribes of people existed together with mammoths on a small island between the northern glaciers and the inner Eurasian ocean. Individual brave men who dared to leave this world, died from diseases, wild animals, natural disasters. Modern civilization began to grow only 5100 years ago, when simultaneously in India, China, Sumer, Egypt there were groups of people who already at that time possessed enough for life technologies, culture and religions. It was then that one world emerged - the first global world.
The whole history of the last five thousand years is the struggle of two different parties, one of them for independence and multipolarity, and the other for unity and globalization.
All these years the wave after the wave from eastern Europe moved the settlers, until they settled the most remote corners of the planet. Even the most exotic peoples in the most ancient times have roots in a single center in the north, where a small group of Cro-Magnonians survived 70,000 years ago. In the conditions of the "empty world" there were always unexplored territories and a surplus of resources. Those who were tired by the tribal rites and traditions of the mammoth shepherds, or who did not like the king, who lacked space and wealth, could always leave and look for a better share in the new lands. So settled Siberia, Australia, Japan, so there was America.
Even a huge northern aria was always possible to find a beloved woman in other countries, taking it from the Aborigines. So all the diversity of nations and peoples was formed. Having a common original ancient language and culture in the far corners of the planet, an unthinkable variety of local cults, local languages and local cultures arose. On the periphery of the world, under the influence of the southern sun, people even changed their appearance, so the division into races took place.
But time has turned back. Mankind has entered the "full world", filled to the brim with very vague prospects of further expanding the boundaries of human habitation. If further to continue to live by the rules of the "empty world", collapse will come soon.
The pathology of modern social, religious and scientific fundamentalism is determined by the dominance of reductionist thinking and the fragmentation of knowledge. Everywhere the entire education system is imposed by the disastrous habit of refusing to consider reality as a whole and dividing it into many small fragments. It seems that people today look at reality through the cracks in the fence and can not imagine it in unity and diversity.
Such a defective thinking is typical even for many leaders of states, which is especially dangerous.
Naive materialism is not philosophical and is simply wrong in the scientific. The practice of interaction between the researcher and his object is the basic component of the act of cognition, confirmed by a range of outstanding scientific discoveries, social and technological inventions.
Reductionist thinking, fragmentation of knowledge and naive materialism - these are the fundamental fundamental failures of modern civilization that will lead to the death of today's humanity.
Let's hope that one of the people will survive and give a germ of a new kind. The construction of the New Ark has already begun - the formation of a global ecological consciousness. The slogan of new people: "Come On", which means "Come on, join us, but do not try to deceive me."

Gennady Klimov (Tver)