January 7th, 2018

Геннадий Климов

Where is Pharaoh Cheops buried? Where is the grave of Adam?

I continue to publish some results of the experiment on the pyramid of Cheops. This data was obtained as a result of a computer experiment produced at the junction of 2017-2018 by a group of scientists of their Tver.
Alexander Nikolaevich Antipov for many years conducted the study of the pyramid of Cheops. He managed to build a computer model of the great pyramid from the Giza complex with an accuracy of several millimeters. This pyramid of ancient Egyptians called "Horizon Khufu." Alexander Antipov made several discoveries that will soon change all the scientific hypotheses of world Egyptologists. We are preparing an article for the American journal Science. So I can not tell you everything, but I'll tell you something.
I have already told you before that the pyramids of the Giza complex are oriented towards the source of the Pechora River in the north, where 300 million years ago there was a hotbed of turbulent biological life, the so-called Permian period. The location of the animals of the Perm geological period was discovered in the 1960s near the village of Yezhovo in the Ocher district in Russia. Permian lizards are not dinosaurs. If dinosaurs are typical reptiles, most Permian lizards had signs of mammals. It seems that it was here in the north that the lizards turned into mammals, and once people emerged from mammals. So there appeared animal-people. People in the current understanding, they became, as I think, in a different place and after a while.
Alexander Antipov discovered in the construction of the Cheops pyramid another vector hidden inside the structure, which was also directed toward the north, but at a different angle from the first vector.
The complex of Giza was created by the engineers of the IV dynasty - from them they conduct their ancestry Masonic orders. Having received the data from Antipov, I assumed that the ancient builders already knew that the earth was a ball. Using the angular coordinates of the Cheops pyramid and the angle of deviation from the meridian, which was provided by Alexander Antipov, I was able to determine by simple calculations that the vector was directed to the Solovetsky archipelago in the White Sea.
Near the Solovetsky Monastery, connected with the most tragic pages of Russian history, is the island of Anzer (the secret of Solovki). Anzer is the second largest island of the Solovetsky archipelago. The length of the island from west to east is about 25 km, from north to south - from 5 to 1 km. There is no permanent civilian population on the island. In two monastic monasteries - Raspyatsky on Mount Calvary and Troitsky on the Trinity Bay - there are 4 monks and several of their novices. In the winter it is almost impossible to get to Anzera. Mount Calvary? It is here that the ray from the Cheops pyramid points out?
I will not retell the New Testament, I will only note that Mount Calvary is revered as one of the two greatest Christian shrines, along with the Holy Sepulcher. Calvary is the place of the last breath of Jesus Christ. Some theologians somehow believe that in the place of Golgotha there is a burial place also of the ancient patriarch of Adam's humanity. It is generally accepted that Golgotha is in the Christian quarter of the city of Jerusalem.
Now compare the longitude of Jerusalem and Solovki.
Solovetsky Monastery Arkhangelsk Region, Russia 65.024888, 35.710382
Temple Mount in Jerusalem: 31.777778, 35.235556
Does not it seem strange to you?

I will also say that the islands of the Solovetsky Archipelago are covered with labyrinths created by an unknown civilization. They resemble spirals in the pyramid of Cheops, found as a result of calculations of the Tver experimenters. We discovered another mountain of Golgotha in the narrow corridor connecting Solovki and Jerusalem - Kostomarovo Caves coordinates: 50.680283 °, 39.753857 °. It can be assumed that the ancient shrine, as the peoples moved to the south, followed the peoples next to the south as well.
It seems that the pharaohs of the era of the Old Kingdom still remembered where the grave of the first man Adam was?
According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, Pharaoh Cheops was buried on an island in an underground room ... Maybe it is Anzer Island in the White Sea?
What on the island, for example, was in Stalin's time?
In the days of Stalin's camps, the fourth branch of the ELEPHANT was located in the monastery. Here were held political prisoners, then - proshtrafifshiesya women (including - nuns).
On the island of Anzere, then women were placed who gave birth to children in the concentration camp of Stalin. They lived in the main building, and in the barn lived prostitutes caught in Moscow. Their NKVD was enough in the streets of Moscow and Moscow apartments. They called at night in the apartments, grabbed the girls and drove them naked without clothes to the north, to the island in the White Sea.
From here an excellent forest road five kilometers later leads to the foot of Mount Calvary - the highest point of the Solovetsky archipelago. Lifting is gradual, and therefore almost not felt. Under the mountain - a cozy lake.
Maybe the grave of Cheops should be sought in the north (since in the pyramid his body was not)? Should I search where the history of a spiritual person began? It seems that the pyramid of Cheops really points to the beginning of the religious history of civilization ...
Gennady Klimov (Russia)
Геннадий Климов

My immersion in politics

My immersion in politics began in 1964 in a first-grade school in the first lesson, when our teacher Tamara Mitrofanovna ordered to take a red pencil and cross out a portrait of a bald man in a red cross. Only many years later I realized that as a result of the conspiracy, the leader of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev, was removed. Before that, the teacher probably also crossed out Bukharin, Trotsky, Tukhachevsky ...

By the way Tamara Mitrofanovna was a real fury, almost a fascist. Of elementary school, I only remember the inkwells with which she threw herself, and that almost every day we all stood by the class for several hours until we asked for forgiveness ... the most insulting thing was that we had to ask for collective forgiveness to us, children of seven, for actions that we did not committed. Who asked for forgiveness, he sat at the desk, all the others stood. It seems that our Tamara Mitrofanovna was in the times of Stalin an overseer in the camp of political prisoners.

After Khrushchev was Brezhnev ... It seemed that he was for ages. While he maintained his youth, life in the USSR was getting better, for he was a front-line soldier and like all front-line soldiers he was not at all bloodthirsty. But the country was decrepit with him. He died and the country died. And the series of ancient leaders did not save the USSR ... Andropov, Chernenko came and imperceptibly left a natural death.

Then, a kind Gorbachev came to power and dissolved the "prison of nations". Boris Yeltsin, who became Russian President after that, gave the people freedom, again gave the Soviet slaves the right to own property. Private property was life-giving. Soon people in private possession had cars, computers, cell phones and even some cottages, shops and businesses. Most importantly, Yeltsin returned the market and property. Yeltsin was so noble that he himself left the post of president, when he grew old and sick. So said on New Year's Eve: "I'm tired, I'm leaving." A strong man who was not afraid of anyone: no Western leaders, no oligarchs, no own people.

But then the story returned to the beginning. The current authorities parasitize on Yeltsin's merits, but are afraid of everything ... The current policy is the apotheosis of the fears and illusions of the leader, oligarchs and the masses. While everyone is afraid of each other, the grown up Tamara Mitrofanovna again seize schools, churches, social networks, editorial offices and ideological departments.

Gennady Klimov (Russia)