January 6th, 2018

Геннадий Климов

How big people differ from small people?

In many countries, especially in Russia, you can often hear from the townsfolk such a phrase: "What do you want from us? We are little people ... ". Does this phrase suggest that there are mysterious big people who define everything in the lives of small people? In this phrase, in fact, very faithful people's observation is hidden.

Small people have a completely different idea of space and time than the idea of the same in large people (this is the degree of perfection of consciousness). Small people live in a three-dimensional system of linear coordinates and in the conventional system of linear logic. The concept of "time" for small people: "only a moment between the past and the future ...". But especially outstanding individuals (at a certain age) go to a new stage: their consciousness undergoes a most complex transformation. In the process of transformation, they become "big" people. This process is one-stage and happens unexpectedly in the form of a phase transition.

Big people are great scientists in fact of their existence, even if they do not engage in official science. Big people are created to manage global civilizational processes, states and corporations - if, of course, civilizations, states and corporations have the will to survive in time. When civilizations, states and corporations are ruled by small people, then social systems perish.

Today I want to tell you what differentiates the minds of big people.

The reason for the noticeable stunning of mankind.

So it was the fate of life that I exist, relatively speaking, in several dimensions. On the one hand, I study the oldest civilizations, and on the other hand I have been creating the theory of a smart future for 40 years: smart production, smart economy, intelligent society.

At the same time, I see that the society is becoming more stupid every year. Why is this happening? Perhaps the mass public stupor is somehow connected with our position on the Milky Way and the complication of the world? Codes of our brain cease to be adequate to reality?

The reason for this phenomenon is that the energy of the vacuum, as a male force, accelerates the development of the universe, and the stars and galaxies, as the female hypostasis, slow down the expansion. According to Einstein's equations, the energy of vacuum causes an ever faster growth of the three dimensions that we observe. Time accelerates, and we already feel it. Our consciousness does not have time to change after a change in reality. The consciousness of people ceases to be a reflection of reality, it sinks into illusions. This is due to the stupidity of mankind. All this becomes especially noticeable against the background of an increase in life expectancy.
Stunning can be overcome only in an individual order, by abandoning linear logic.

About the system mind.

Albert Einstein said that "In physics, it has often happened that a significant success was achieved by a consistent analogy between unrelated phenomena." We can understand the essence of what is happening with mankind by combining the knowledge of seemingly unrelated phenomena: the four world religions (Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and science. All of them form a single knowledge. We must understand that the cosmos, the terrestrial atmosphere, civilizational processes are subject to a single physical law. All phenomena are like you are like God. Storms in the sun are like electromagnetic storms in your brain and atmospheric equipotentials, along which flocks of birds move. It is necessary to see the big in the small, but the small in the big.

This is the way not only to the individual mind, but also the path to artificial intelligence.
Understanding the space ... past, present and future.

How do big people understand space and time? There are four world religions and the fifth - science. Einstein drew attention to the work of Theodor Kaluza and Oskar Klein, who suggested that gravity is a reflection of four dimensions of space-time, and electromagnetism is due to the geometry of the additional fifth dimension. Is everything in this world alike?

The fifth spatial dimension, coiled into a small ring, seems to be controlling our world and all of us. It is so small that it remains invisible to the accelerators of elementary particles. In "string theory" these "rings" are considered as one-dimensional objects - tiny vibrating segments and loops, which sometimes gather in "membranes". The size of the "ring" is commensurate with the length of the Planck - less than one billionth of one billionth of the diameter of the atomic nucleus. So everything is arranged.

Jesus Christ also said: "In my Father's house there are many mansions." And this means that there are places in the space-time continuum, where a transition is made between the "monasteries" and there are people who know how to open the doors.

For example, a man in a snowy Russia, like Tsiolkovsky finding a way into space, can exert a global influence on the fate of all mankind. And this secret man often remains almost unnoticed for all his contemporaries. This circumstance does not detract from the role of the pioneer. If we use the terminology of "string theory," which is accepted by physicists, we can say: the laws of reality depend on the geometry of hidden dimensions. Your "ego" is a "string", and states, nations, social strata are "membranes" ... There are ten dimensions of hidden space around each of us. You exist within this 10-dimensional continuum, even if you do not know about it.

Is there a past and a future?
The space is stretched, and therefore there is room for both a new and an old vacuum. The past never disappears. It is near and affects us. When the new state also begins to disintegrate, a new growing bubble of vacuum with even lower energy will appear in it. The process repeats infinitely many times.

School for big people
The theory of "strings" has not yet been fully formed, but it is quite suitable for creating the theory of "Concentration of meanings ...". This is the way to personal haste, this is the path to the success of your corporation and this is the key to artificial intelligence. And this is the algorithm of our SIS project. Please contact us.

Gennady Klimov