February 25th, 2015

Геннадий Климов

The ninth wave is in the world politics.

The ninth wave is in the world politics.
Will Putin have another chance?

In 2013 in October, I was at the big annual press conference of Vladimir Putin in Moscow. That one, where the Russian President announced that Mikhail Khodorkovsky was free from the prison. Even at that moment it seemed that Putin began to turn towards liberalization by this step. But then I noticed Putin’s phrase, which he casually dropped... The President said that he could not accept the postulate of Christianity, which had been formulated in the Gospels of Luke as follows: "But you which are hearing I say, love your enemies, give charity who hates you, bless those who curses you, and pray for them who offends you. Who is giving a slap in the one cheek put another one, and who is taking away your clothes do not stop to take the shirt" (LK.6:26-29).
This is the main essence of Christianity, from which Putin refused publicly. It would be trouble, I thought then. And soon the trouble came in to the neighbouring Ukraine, and Russia too. Putin has made a strategic mistake. What was it?
Last eight years, after that I have begun to publish my research about the ancient history, as I was not only called. Russian nationalists though I was a Zionist... The Jews of stupid (there are ones) called me an anti-Semite. And actually, I just honestly have restored the history of Semitic and Slavic and other peoples... It was out of politics. But it gave the key to the understanding of all the processes on the Earth as it is in the politics and the economy...
It turned out that millions of the books and articles, the political disputes, the real wars, the religious conflicts and the revolutions are all the nonsense. All this is a consequence of ignorance, in fact, the simple facts and the laws of the history. People beat each other with passion instead of 20 minutes to shut up and listen to me. After that it will be not argue about. But how people should be silence and try to understand?
I understand that many of our contemporaries have a twitter-consciousness, and they are not able to perceive more than 140 characters. It is not enough to record the entire 70 thousandth of the history, as long as a human is living on the planet the Earth. But I will try to be brief. I need 1500 words quite to tell all about you!
It is in the politics as in nature.
Our first type of man appeared on the Earth 70 thousand years ago. Like any living system, the population of people with a certain periodicity experience a crisis of the transition to a new quality. The period of the "bottleneck" had happened already three times, when a small group of the best people stayed on the Earth only. The rest died. The last such moment was 15 - 12,6 thousand years ago during the Valdai glaciation of the planet.
Then mankind was divided into three races. Cultural code of the modern humanity is defined still by the descendants of the Indo-Europeans, formed in the Eastern Europe at the foot of the Valdai glacier. They were appeared a life like a beehive or an anthill. The man was a part of the family and did not have his ego.
This pattern is called "warnaism" (from the word "Varny"). Actually, desire of many modern Nations to the paternalism, to the communism, to the equality is the pull back into the primeval past. Especially this strong craving is in Belarus, the Eastern Ukraine and Russia, which are located on the place of the primitive world by the Valdai glacier. The social habits in the Eastern Europe are very conservative and have a high resistance because of the low mobility of the population. Here the population is not likely to change, which determines the centuries-old backwardness of the local peoples.
The whole point of the world politics since from the acient times is the eternal struggle between two types of the states. In one of them the matriarchal people dominate, which are living in vary in the likeness of the lion prides, where the male has a harem of females. Among females, there are also weak lions, which are fully submitted to the will of the alpha male. There were eunuchs in later Eastern harems. In modern Russia the dominant over all Putin is based on the broad class of the officials, essentially the same eunuchs.
Another type of the states is based on the rules generated in the urban communities, the civil groups. In essence they are similar to gangs of the young lions. These young males are always ready to shift master Vara, to kill his children and take possession of the females. In the barbarian society of the ancient people are groups of the young liberal hunters, exploring the surroundings Vara. On the coast of the Crimea for 750 years B.C. they had been formed the city-opony with the civil institutions, and in the depth of the Eurasia on the trade routes Jewish Kigali emerged, where rules of communication were established which were formed in to the basis of the modern municipal law. Over time, the ancient world appeared from the cities calfskin and Kaganov, which were reborned with the advent of the Christian era into a modern Western democracy.
If very young civilization of the USA or relatively young civilization of China consists mainly of the hunters-liberals, then the ancient Rus consists mainly of alpha males which own the pride of them subjects. That's the whole secret of big politics. Everything is as in nature.
But it is not all so simple.
The Ideology of One World.
Initially after the Valdai glaciation (15-12,6 thousand years ago) there were no wars in society and policy. Are they possible in the anthill for example? Everybody performs a prescribed function in it. At that time people were absolutely limp and devoid of compassion for anyone. It was regulated by the religion based on the concept of Varnashrama-Dharma. Dharma means law or virtue. The word "Varna" is a house, and "Ashram" is a place where there is religious worship. Try to put it all together and it will be the social model of Varnashrama-Dharma.
Society, according to the beliefs of the ancient people, had to function harmoniously and smoothly as a single organism. It is significant that in Sanskrit (it was the language from which the Indo-European languages were emerged) there is no concept of "society" practically. There are derivatives from the words "many" or "Assembly". The oldest world religion, uniting the whole world, was based on the idea godlike unity - loka sa~Ngraha, where the order is achieved to the fact that each person voluntarily and consciously takes his position among the other according to his inclinations and abilities.
Every social stratum (Varna) took that position in the society that corresponds to its origin from Purusha (Perun) - the Creator. The religion was so. That religion was called Kryshen (Krishna), and it had undergone eight phase transformations, to complete its destruction.
About 7500 years ago it began the process of the disintegration of the Varnas, and people began to acquire a new quality - ego. Their brains began to rebuild. People began to perceive reality adequately, some of them could already exist in nature independently, without risking to be broken saber-toothed tiger. So, the first liberals appeared. Thus the policy arose. Those who wants to be a part of the more complex system, a part of God - those stretch to the past, to the tradition, to the unity, to the communism, to the spiritual scream, to the religion; those which are for the human development" stretch to the progress, to the science, to the changes. And again, it is not all.
The world is so arranged that at its limit, black becomes white, death becomes life, end becomes start, and Vice versa. The desire of the "primitive liberals" to improve themselves, to become like God, leads to understanding of the need for a new unity of the world. In fact, it is talking about the returning to the barbarism on the new level of the personal development.
At the end of the fourth Millennium BC the first attempt was taken to return to one world (one world). After a terrible battle at Kurukshetra (the field of the battle between the Seversky Donets and the Don), as a result most of all leaders of the Aryan tribes were killed, there was the first world Empire Arata. Diplomacy and military cunning were appeared. But the most important fact is that the rules of succession and transfer of power were appeared. No leader had the right to remain in power for more than 13 years; he was obliged thereafter to devote himself to God. The multi-millennial colonization of the planet by the Aryan tribes started. It had led to the emergence of the new civilizations in China, India, Schumer, Egypt, Iceland and America.
The ambition of the Russian ethnos to the imperialism is a product of the mental codes, which were purchased several thousand years ago during the time of the Aryan dominance. Actually, fascism is not a swastika on the sleeves; it is an unconscious desire to return to the past. Mass of the sacred murder is a common practice of that time. And the policy of racial discrimination and xenophobia in the Third Reich, based on the concept of the racial hygiene, from the same time. The prophets of the monotheism were fighting with this ideology during many thousands of years.
However, nothing is eternal under the moon. By the middle of the Second Millennium BC Arata had been in decline, the barbarism completely had lost the original meaning. The ritual murders, marriages to the daughters, the cannibalism had become the norm. The Aryan society had degenerated. At that time the prophets of the monotheism appeared in Eurasia, which tried to formulate a new religion and could unite the world. Melkhisedeck was the king of the Salem and the priest of the God was at the head of them and the throne of his seventy apostles.
The new religion of the monotheism EN began to spread from the Don, the Aryan’s centre, around the world. Three prophets went to the different countries. Abraham went to the Egypt it was about 1353 BC, where he foud the support of the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Jews came from this wave of the migration. The prophet One went to the North of Europe, the Celts came from him. The prophet Zaratushtra went to the East, from which the peoples of Iran, India, Siberia and the Central Asia.
Antenor and Kolobok.
However, after 150 years, in 1200 BC, the pirate’s fleet of the Creto-Mycenaean civilization, funded by the pharaohs of the Egypt, attacked Troy. The ancient Rus at that time was called Troy by name Triglava, the chief God of that period (the analogue of the Trinity). Troy died. Surviving peoples started migration into the different directions. Veneta’s people moved to the Balkans. So there were Slavs. The first wave of the immigrants from Russia of Slavs-Veneta arrived in the Northern area of Italy after 1200 B.C., where they found fertile steppes at the foot of the Euganean hills.
It is interesting, that in Italy it is preserved the memory of the times of the arrival on the Peninsula. They even remember the leader of the settlers and honor his memory. It was Antenor - in the Greek mythology was the Trojan, a friend and an advisor of Priam, a husband of the daughter of the Thracian king Kissee, who bore him 13 children. Antenor was the most prudent among the elders of Troy during the Trojan War. Antenor preached the ideology of wisdom: the balance of Yin and Yang, i.e. masculine and feminine elements. It is a sign of belonging to the new religion of Indra (it was called An), which is formed at this time. Its essence is the ability to save a measure, balance, Nordic carm. People began to worship the mount Meru - the Valdai glacier, from which only the memory was by this time and the Valdai Hills with Seliger’s lakes and the source of the major rivers: the Volga, the Dnieper and the Western Dvina.
According to the legend, Antenor founded a new state on the ruins of Troy in the Northern Black Sea Coast, and according to other sources, he immediately left Troy and settled in Cyrene in Africa. The later myth says that Antenor at the head of the tribe of the genecov (Veneto) moved to Italy. I think it was different directions of the migration of Veneto’s kind, the ancestors of the Slavs.
Antenor with some sons and survived kanatami during the Trojan War went to Thrace. This is a historical region in the South-East of the Balkan Peninsula, in the South bordered with Macedonia, in the East with the Pontus Euxinus (the Black Sea). From there the kind of Antenor got into the Genetics in the Adriatic. At first he settled near the river Timavo. After the War with the local Euganean he founded Pataviy (the modern city of Padua in the Northern Italy). The place where they had landed, was called Troy in memory about their homeland in the Russian lands in the Northern Black Sea Coast.
I visited Padua, found the grave of Antenor. Essentially, it is an ancient Tsar of Russia, which is preserved in the Russian epic tale about Kolobok - Kolovyane. Kolovyane were people of the sun Kolo. In the Aryan epic it has survived under the name of Arun, and in the Greek under the name of Antenor.
In the Middle ages one of the first universities appeared in Padua. In fact, the tomb of the ancient Slavic king Antenor is next to the University. The other part of kind Antenor went to Valdai, where a new priestly centre of the new religion of Indra (Angry) appeared, which was supposed to unite the world again.
The transition from barbarism to humanism.
Who carried the cross of Jesus Christ? "And they took Jesus and led him away. And carrying His own cross, He went out to the place called execution, in Hebrew, Golgotha..." (John 19:16-17). "...and put His clothes on Him, and led Him away to be crucified. Going out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name; they forced him to carry His cross" (Matthew 27:31-31). Kyrenia in Africa is the place where Slavs landed at first. This word is connected with the Ukrainian word "krinitsa" is "spring". There is the same river Krinitsa as an inflow of the Don. Slavs carried the religion of Indra (Andrew), which became the forerunner of Jesus Christ.
However, before the coming of Jesus, it is taken, that the Jews, which had acted in the Middle East, under the leadership of the king David of the tribe of Judah (approx. 1005 - 965 B.C.) attempted to restore a single temple. As in the Northern Black Sea Coast, the original land, people finally had become bad, Jews bought land for the new city of Jerusalem in the Middle East. The case of the king David was continued by his son Solomon. But soon this temple was destroyed. In the middle of the eighth century B.C. the tribes of the Jews under the leadership of Moses attempted to free themselves from the dependence of the Pharaoh and return to the single God... The five books of Moses were the first part of the Bible appeared. Outcome started. People tried to go from the barbarism to the humanism.
In 538, the Persian king Cyrus the Great allowed the Jews to rebuild the temple. In 516 B.C. the construction of the temple was completed, and in 512 BC, the Persian king Darius attacked Russia. Where it was constrained by the three Scythian kings: Idanfiers, Skopas and Taxakis. Probably the reasons for the war were differences between the Persians, the Jews and the Scythians (the ancient inhabitants of Russia) about the place of the Single Temple’s construction. Darius crossed the Bosphorus and the Danube, and the Scythians used guerilla tactics and were luring the enemy army into their territory. When the winter came, Darius was forced to run. Then this war scenario would be repeated by the Russian troops more than once.
When Christ appeared, good sense, compassion and love began to penetrate in the consciousness of the people. The second part of the Bible - New Testament appeared. The Goths came to the Crimea from the North, the spread of Christianity began among them, initially in the form of the Arianism. The era of humanism began.
In 571, on the 22d of April in Mecca the prophet Mohammed was born. He was a founder of Islam. The world was divided again. The wars of the crusaders started.
After 1000 years after Christ (1015) on the Valdai on the river Tvertsa, it was occurred the first Orthodox monastery and from this time, the promotion of the Christian missionaries was starting from the Slavs along the Volga river into the land of the Gentiles. The Russian people’s history was beginning.
The further history you can learn from my books. But it is important to understand that today the essence of the world politics is the struggle of the forces which seek to return to the New barbarism, to One World (new unity of the world), through the comprehensive development of a person and those who just pulls into barbarism, where people is powerless and a dependent part of the state.
Time is a river. If you stop, you are in the past. If you refuse Christ, you are in the times of the primitive barbarism. We have to swim against the current for living. If you do not know the direction you will cover the ninth of wave. This is the main secret of the world politics.
Unfortunately, neither Putin nor Sergei Lavrov, no their many advisers do not own this knowledge, so they don't understand the global processes. It is very dangerous. At the time, Colonel Gaddafi is a furious son of the Bedouin tribe of the ancient Veneto is also did not understand. He finished badly. You cannot control the ship without seeing the ninth wave.

Gennady Klimov